Your account may be deleted if you are caught misusing a game bug or using hacking programs of any kind.
It is up to the Game Masters discretion what the punishment term will be.
Some offenses, such as harassment, are up to the Staff's discretion, they will all be recorded for review.
If you disagree with a punishment; send a ticket.
Any violations not covered by these rules will be upon the sole discretion of ThangUSA Staff to enforce appropriate consequence.
Account suspension time refers to real time, not to game time.
This page may be edited at any time without prior notice.
If you open a support ticket within 3 days of termination, we will provide you the reason for your account suspension / termination. Please provide us with your account name and character name.
ThangUSA Volunteers may take any actions and impose any penalties we deem necessary to discourage and punish any violation of these terms or any other illegal or inappropriate conduct, all without prior notice or warning.
The determination as to whether a violation has occurred and who is responsible for such act is solely within ThangUSA's discretion, and is based on what we deem best for the community.
These rules may be updated and/or changed at any time without prior notice.

By downloading, playing, or participating in any ThangUSA activity you agree to abide by these rules and restrictions.

There are 4 classes of offenses ranging from 4 (least) to 1 (greatest). The consequences for violating these rules are explained in each class. Repeated violation of one class will automatically raise the consequence to the next highest class.

Spamming chat
Excessive caps
Spreading rumors
Any chat deemed inappropriate ie. Excessive cursing and/or attacks on other players.

Range: Warning (up to) 15 minute mute

Kill Stealing
Harassment baiting, trolling, bashing
General Interference of game play including but not limited to use of game bugs

Range : 10-20 minute mute + kick from server (up to) [i]24 hour ban

Racism of any type
Interfering with ThangUSA Staff
Harassment of ThangUSA Staff
Use of 3rd party programs [ii] Macro, Speedhack, ect.

24 hour ban (up to) Account Deletion

Buying/selling accounts or items for real money
Filing false reports through the ticket system or to ThangUSA Staff
Impersonation of ThangUSA Staff past or present
Any type of "hacking"

72 hour ban (up to) Account Deletion

Use of inappropriate names and/or Guild names[iii] - Forced name change

As noted in the footnotes, when a ban is imposed ALL accounts associated with the offending account may be banned. Share accounts at your own risk.
[i] This may include ALL accounts associated with the offending account
[ii]Macro users will also lose all skills on their account
[iii] To be determined by ThangUSA Staff

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00:00 ~ 09:00(GMT)
Monday ~ Friday
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